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EBEC from Companies Perspective

Our company has always been in the search of well qualified engineers. Therefore, we see EBEC as an investment for the future. We chose to be a part of this organization to get to know this crowd and we would like to support it further more in the future.

Gökmen Yağal, Deputy Director General, Honda Turkey

To begin with, thank you for such a well organized event. I definitely think that events like EBEC are very beneficial for students.

Ayşegül Kara, Human Resources Specialist, Olmuksan Internationl Paper

EBEC has been a beneficial for us to reach many students and to support a competent project.


I have a very optimistic view of BEST. I think it is very beneficial for students to develop themselves and get in contact with the business world.

Dr. Mehmet Bozkurt, Construction Risk Management and Internal Audit Manager, Doğuş

For Siemens it was a great chance to meet interesting students which would have been very difficult to do without EBEC. The best students went forward to the regional and national rounds and it is a great chance to get them together at an event like this.


EBEC gives them something that don't necessarily take out of university because they able to develop team working skills, logistics and creativity

Marek Krol - ATO & Operations Manager, General Electrics

I am just very astonished that how well arranged it was, by students.

Danuta Kordecki - Management Assistant, EPO

It is the fifth time that I am in a BEST event. I must say, the first time as an EBEC event, I am really impressed by the organisation and I think it is one of the best events of BEST which I attended. The level of the presentations are full of hope for the future.

Harry Kaspers, Director Audit Tracking and Support, EPO

EBEC is a great platform for students to meet real life problems.

Joanna Baginska, Iveco

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